Klick Equine Treatment Options

I work with horses and ponies with a variety of musculoskeletal or behavioural problems.

Klick Equine Treatment is designed to help each horse on an individual basis, and can be tailored to benefit all types of horses and ponies.

I work with horses from all disciplines, from top level, high performance competition horses to companion ponies.  I combine EquineCranial Sacral therapy with Reiki and Equine Sports Massage techniques, to ensure your horse receives the best treatment to improve and optimize performance. Maintenance treatments will help to reduce wear and tear on the horses body keeping them in peak fitness..

Initial Consultation

The treatment begins with a full consultation, and involves me physically examining your horse’s posture and biomechanics by watching them walk and stand, and talking to you, the owner or rider. Once I have an initial view of the concerns, the tactile element of the session will take 50-90 minutes, and may involve watching the horse in work.

Klick Remedial
This is a treatment suitable for Cranial Damage or Compression, musculo-skeletal problems resulting in loss of performance, injury or behavioral changes in the horse. The treatment covers the whole body but the majority of time is spent focusing on problem areas.
During this time, the expertise of other professionals may be sought as appropriate

Klick Maintenance
This is suitable for all horses, including horses on box rest. The treatment covers the whole body and works on any problem areas discovered. The treatment can help maintain wellbeing and function, and also reduces the risk of injury and improves performance.  Maintenance treatment can be performed at any time, to maintain the results of remedial treatment, as an MOT check over the musculo-skeletal system, or to keep your horse’s body supple.

Klick Pre-event 
This treatment is ideal prior to hard work or competition, allowing the horse to perform at its best. The treatment focuses on problem areas and discipline stress points. It can be relaxing or stimulating, preparing the horse’s mind and body for competition.

Klick Post-event
This treatment is ideal after a competition or a hard day’s work. The treatment relaxes the horse’s mind and body after an event and covers the whole body, focusing on discipline stress points and it can be used to find areas of trauma.

We must remember that physical, emotional, and mental health are linked.  Trauma or distress in one area often causes, or is the effect of an imbalance, in another area.  With this in mind I will work with your horse, focusing on the physical alignment, to regain balance throughout the body.

Whilst you may see improvement after just one treatment, the number of treatments needed will depend entirely on the individual horse itself.  Often restrictions or problems have built up over a period of time and to resolve the issues may require more than one treatment session.  

Changes to the body’s posture made in 1 treatment
Cranium changes after 1 treatment

Following the initial assessment and treatment I will develop a bespoke plan focusing on the specific concerns for your horse.

The frequency of treatment for each horse will be different. There is no specific ‘rule’ as to how often you should treat your horse as each horse is different.  However, as a measure, competition or working horses would benefit from regular treatments, say every 5-6 weeks, simply because they are athletes and are subjecting their bodies to a lot of stress.  Unless there are specific issues which need addressing, those in lighter work would benefit from less frequent treatments 2-3 times a year, assuming the horse does not suffer a trauma such as a fall or pull back.

Prices start at £50 per treatment within 30 minutes travel, Additional travel charges will apply over this (to be discussed at time of booking appointment)

Please note, Klick Equine Treatment is not a substitute for veterinary attention.

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