About Klick Equine

Thank you for visiting my site. I’m Kirsty Woolgrove, and I work with horses and ponies with a variety of musculoskeletal or behavioural problems.

I use Klick Equine Treatment, a bespoke, holistic approach that is based on Equine CranioSacral, and incorporates Equine Sports Massage and Reiki.

Equine CranioSacral is unique in its’ approach. It focuses on (but is not limited to) the Equine Cranium, Spinal Cord, and Sacrum, their relationship to each other and their effects on the rest of the body. The practice uses light finger pressure to release tension and optimize the bodies function. I use my own energy to activate a horses natural healing process, releasing stresses and stored trauma by releasing the restrictions in the Musculoskeletal system and in the Facia, a tissue that weaves the whole body together like a web.

Equine Sports Massage is increasingly becoming an integral part of equine care. Sports massage can be incorporated into any training regime either pre or post competition. Massage keeps muscles healthy by maintaining strength and suppleness and minimizing stiffness. In the event of an injury, massage offers great benefit. It speeds up the recovery period by preventing muscle atrophy (wasting of the muscles) during a period of box rest or restricted work.

Positive and profound feedback after combining these therapies has resulted in treatment becoming an essential element of the training and care program of competition and performance horses. Of course treatments can also be a great benefit to any horse beloved by their owners everywhere. All horses will feel better and have freer movement after therapy.

I work alongside equine vets, specialist farriers and equine behaviorists, and can help you manage short or long-term treatment plans for your horse.

I offer a detailed consultation before recommending a course of treatment, and I’m fully trained and insured. Follow this link for a list of issues and problems I may be able to help with.

I’m always happy to talk about horses, so if you’d like a chat before booking a consultation, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Prices start at £50 per treatment within 30 minutes travel of Broughton, Additional travel charges will apply over this (to be discussed at time of booking appointment) home counties are Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Gloucestershire. If you are outside these areas please feel free to contact me and we can see how I can help.



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