My Story

I have always had a love for animals, but overwhelmingly for horses. 

Throughout my training, I have been privileged to work with many different horses and I have built up a portfolio of practical hands-on experience with a variety of horses and problems, enabling me to fine tune my techniques.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about any aspect of my treatments and how it could help your horse please contact me.

I grew up in Bodicote near Banbury in Oxfordshire, and like many young girls, I dreamed of working with horses. As soon as I could I went off to Warwickshire College at Moreton Morrell to start my equestrian education, and it was after this that I was offered the opportunity to work with event rider and owner Jane Starkey – the best possible start to my working career! Her training was of the highest standards and gave me the opportunity to work with horses of all types and ages involved in all spheres of competition.

I moved on to work for the late Peta Beckett, a top rider shortlisted for the British Event team. My understanding of the needs of top competition horses grew as I helped prepare them to compete at Badminton and other top level events.

Since then I have run private yards with horses of all levels – event horses, dressage horses, hunters and of course the happy hackers! All of these horses had different fitness levels requiring different approaches – and some were very quirky horses that proved to be very special!

When I had a problem with my own horse, Bebe, I was introduced to the wonderful Sara Coppin and Reiki treatments. Bebe was lame and we couldn’t work out why – even the vet and farrier were stumped. I had never heard of Reiki before, but I was willing to give anything a go and, to my surprise, it worked.

This was my introduction to alternative treatments and I continued to study Sara’s work. I was so impressed that I attended her human Reiki training course. For me then it was then a logical step to move on to animal Reiki and communication courses. This really opened my eyes to how we can offer our animals alternative treatments that compliment conventional treatments.

While practicing Reiki I came a across a lot of horses with tight muscle and back issues, that needed more treatments that I was able to offer. This made me think how I could continue to help the horses I meet. I looked into Equine Sports massage (ESM) where I found Julie Boxall-Tully (a well-known animal therapist within the industry, and founder of ICAT). I started an in-depth and hands-on 2 year training course.

As I continue my work I found that there seemed to be so much going on in their heads (Cranium) and I wasn’t able to help there, so I found Equine CranioSacral and I continue to keep studying this amazing therapy with Maureen Rogers, this has opened up a whole new world for me.

Kirsty (Lickorish) Woolgrove

KLICK Qualifications & Training

 I have been lucky enough to train with amazing riders and trainers when I left college such as Jane Starkey and the Late Peta Beckett while attending Moreton Morrell College gaining my NVQ II & III in Horse Care and Management.

I have continued training in Equine Sports Massage with ICAT (the institute for Complementary Animal Therapies)  for 2 years gaining my qualification, Level 3 Diploma as an Equine Sport Massage Practitioner with a Distinction.

I have continued to complete CPD training, some of my courses have been:

I started training in 2019 with Maureen Rogers in Equine CranialSacral I am qualified in Equine CranialSacral work and continue to train.

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