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Neigh (Hello)

Please see pictures below of some of the horses I have been treating, these are not professional photos. They are horses standing in there natural posture (no asking them to stand square) so we can see how they will naturally rebalance and find new stability to offer better use of there body.

Herbie – TB Gelding – Age early 20’s Riding Club Horse

You can see the compression and miss alignment he had in his head, you can see the Cranium changes as the compression comes out.

Decompression of the head and realignment
As the head decompressed the body will settle into a new standing posture naturally

Tyson – Irish Sports Horse Gelding – 4 Years old Eventer

Lots of Cranium damage, with treatment the bones have resettles back towards where they should be and much clearer though in his eye
Finding a more natural and comfortable way to stand after treatment, his head has released from his body so he is able to move it independently again

Smurf – Irish Gelding -10 Years old Riding Club Horse

You can see how he is now able to hold his head straight on his own, he has more comfort and focus back
You can see the new organization of his body standing naturally before and after shots

TB Mare – 5 Years old Race Horse

She is just getting over a fractured eye socket
You can see how her body has now settled and re aligned

Jackson – Irish Sports Horse Gelding – 11 Years old Eventer

He was very spokey in the dressage arena and suspicions of jump fences, you can see the compression in his head and how he had limited vision, this is now no longer a problem
You can see how he didn’t have any real stability and also there was no turning of his head, he turned from the neck

Cha Cha – Warmblood Mare – 12 Years old Dressage Horse

She has been competing well and consistently, but could be a bit spooky on her first test of the day, she has settled and found a new gear.
You can see how she is standing with much more comfort now and able to use her body better

Tony – Connemara Gelding – 10 Years old Riding Club Horse

He had hit his head a couple of times on the top of his stable, this meant he was unable to hold his head straight, his face is balancing out
You can see once we balance the head his body has settled into a more comfortable posture. his head is no longer limited in the turn.

Jim – TB Gelding – 13 Years old Ex Race Horse

Ex Race horse who has run many races, as I have decompressed his head you can see how broader he has become
As his head has decompressed you can see how dis posture and balance are so much better

Fern – Irish Sports Horses Mare – 5 Years old Pony Club & Hunting

She had a lot of dental issues and surgery just over a year ago, she was unable to hold her head straight and had failed a vetting as unsound on the hard, she is now sound

TB Gelding – 6 Years old – Ready to go into training

You can see how he was unable to hold his head straight and his right eye was sitting lower.

He is now able to get his front legs out in front of him and his hind legs out the back, taking the weight off his front end

Sports Horse Mare – 8 Years old Eventer

She has got a lot of compression causing bones to be out of place on her head
You can see as the compression comes out of her head she is able to get her hind end back out where it should be

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