Customer Testimonials

Laura Marshall

Kirsty has been working on my mare Cha Cha for around 5 years now and has had a hugely positive impact on our dressage and training being with us from Prelim up to successfully competing at Medium currently, helping us achieve plenty of regional ribbons, Petplan ribbons and twice selected for the British Dressage England Home International teams. 

Cha is a very sensitive mare that can be tense and tight so we have had to focus on length of frame and suppleness whilst strengthening. Regular sessions with Kirsty help us stay on track with in depth feedback after each treatment ensuring we work with and support Cha’s body with her training, Kirsty builds a fantastic rapport with all of the horses she works on, and has fantastic incite into each horse working from a whole horse perspective down to treating targeted problem areas also massively helpful when rehabbing Cha from a large muscle tear in her glutes in 2020, Cha has also really benefitted from the cranial work Kirsty has been doing during her treatment sessions.

Marsha Webb (Classic Dressage)

I had Kirsty recommended to me by a client on our yard, Tbh I wasn’t really sure what or how CranioSacral would or could work!! Kirsty came in to treat one of my rides and I must say within a few treatments I could really see the improvements. The horse was more settled, easer to ride, more willing to go forward and go the extra mile in his work.  We had a few hiccups along the way –  when a couple of days before a competition he needed a little top up and he was then sound ready to go and compete, doing really well in competition and winning in a strong field.

I find Kirsty very knowledgeable and trust her to make a difference with all my horses.   

Leasal Chapple-Hyam

Kirsty has been treating Jackson for just over 12 months.  When I first got Jackson he spooked at anything that came out of the hedge in-front or behind him and he used to rush forward when frightened. I also found that when he jumped his aim was just to get over a fence any which way he could, whether that was to jump the jump or crash through it.

Kirsty explained the way that cranial treatment worked and asked if she could treat Jackson.  As my daughter had a horse that Kirsty was treating and had made a massive difference to him, I agreed to the cranial treatment.  We all could do with a massage on a regular basis especially if you sit behind a computer all day. 

To be honest I didn’t really believe how she could make a difference, well I was proved wrong. With Kirsty working on craniosacral and sports massage along with a brilliant trainer Jackson has gone from a nervous horse, to a horse that is more focused, supple, engaged and his body shaped has completely changed.  We’ve had a great season competing in ode’s and 98% of the time being placed in the top 10, we have even been hunting.  Without the work that Kirsty has performed I do not believe that this would ever have happened.  Jackson is very relaxed after a session with Kirsty although he still will no take a polo off her.

Hayley Keatinge

Kirsty has been working with Chase for 12 months now. Initially I had concerns about the way he would tilt his nose away from an even contact, and was loading his weight onto his front left fore. Since working with Kirsty this has improved dramatically and is almost non existent. We have also moved up to PSG with some super results, and Kirsty has kept him feeling fabulous despite the increase in the difficulty of his work. Chase LOVES his massage and I love the care and attention I know Kirsty is giving Chase. I would not hesitate to recommend, and in fact have done so! 

Jane Starkey (Former Olympic Event Rider)

Kirsty started her equestrian career with me as a working pupil many years ago, so it’s great to see her furthering her knowledge with her course in Equine Sports Massage and helping me now.

Vicki Wain (Dassett Forge)

I found my initial consultation very insightful and Kirsty was very friendly, informative and was very interested in my horses. Kirsty is great, very enthusiastic about her work and really interested in your opinions on your horse. She is good with all different types of horses and loves to hear how the horse is getting on. All the horses loved her and really enjoyed their massages.

I have seen changes to all of my horses since Kirsty has been treating them. Ellie is moving a lot easier and is straighter. Buggy was very stiff and unable to hold his back feet up for the farrier, he has loosened up and he can move a lot better and able to hold his legs up for the farrier now.

Sally Taylor (Blenheim Farm Eventers)

I found my initial consultation with Kirsty was very well organized and efficient. Kirsty was very professional with a good knowledge of horses, she was very informative covering all aspects of the treatment procedure and gave a full aftercare program.

My horses responded well and were very relaxed during the treatment and they responded positively. I noticed the horses become much more supple and better under saddle after the treatments. I also found there was less tension during riding and the horses were more forward in their going. I feel Kirsty provided a very professional and thorough service from start to finish.

Holly Wallington

Kirsty came with very high standards and was very knowledgeable letting me know all the benefits the massage would offer my horses. Kirsty explained what the treatments entailed and what to expect. The horses loved the treatment and relaxed straight away. After Tom’s treatment I felt his tension had been lifted and he was much more forward going. With Bailey I am now able to take a contact and I can ride him into his contact, before he was unsettled under saddle and bucked during some transitions – the bucking has now stopped. Bailey is now more forward going and much more responsive to the leg and his attitude and wellbeing has improved. I found Kirsty offered an excellent, reliable service and was very professional.

Aimee Cayless – Southam Saddles

My horse Wally enjoyed his treatment with Kirsty who was very thorough and professional, he was more relaxed in his work after his treatments and he defiantly felt the benefits.

Katy Doughty

I found the initial consultation very interesting and it looks like he was wearing a saddle that was a little tight, Kirsty was very informative and knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. I have seen a huge improvement in Milo since Kirsty has been treating him. He is calmer and working better, I think his muscles feel less tense. He appears to be working in a better outline, and his jumping has been slightly calmer too. Milo is a very tense horse however I found that he has loosened up during his flat work quicker and even my trainers noticed he looks a lot calmer so this has been hugely beneficial to Milo. I will continue with his massages on a regular basis.

Mitch Heywood

Kirsty is very informative and helpful with the follow up exercises for the horse. Kirsty is relaxed around the horses which helps on how the horse deals with the treatment. Kirsty observed problems which I hadn’t noted. She was very good.

Frances Vipond

I found Kirsty to be very professional and informative. She listened about Bruce and genuinely seemed to want to help and understand him. Kirsty was very knowledgeable and gave me information I hadn’t even thought of. Bruce responded really well to his treatment and I noticed a real difference in his coat and mannerism as well as improving the way he was going, he was more forward and happier in his work. Bruce became more responsive and able to work on both legs and not favoring one as he did before. I am very pleased with the results I saw.

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