Benefits of CranioSacral

Due to the pressures and stresses that horses experience throughout their daily lives, they can benefit substantially from the application of ECS therapy.

Stresses can arise from many different situations, from the more severe such as, a fall as a youngster, an over tightened or ill-fitting tack, pressures in the mouth, injuries, and accidents, or the smaller daily stresses that we think will have limited or no impact on the body, including hacking, competing or even just pulling back when tied up.

This natural non-medicated therapy will rebalance the body, enabling a horse to perform more effectively and comfortably over a longer period.  If a horse is returning to work after injury, ECS is a great treatment to create balance as they build their bodies back up.

ECS therapy helps top level competition horses maintain peak performance and competitive edge, and is gaining popularity in many disciplines, by restoring the balance to their body and mind.

Dentistry can also play a huge part in a horses’ natural balance.  Unlike humans, a horse’s teeth will continue to grow and the wear pattern on a horses’ teeth will be affected by the symmetry and compression in the head.  By using ECS to relax the cranium this can help a horse to be comfortable in the mouth and give the horse a better chance of wearing their teeth more evenly.

Additionally, ECS can also work positively on postural concerns which are very often mis-diagnosed as conformation issues.

Please see 2 examples of horses treated at differnent stages of there lives (young starting her career and older retired now a riding horse)

6 Year Old Race Horse (After 1 Treatment)

•Neck length now is equal to the back length
•Neck is deeper
•Back is shorter (Ideal from Long Backed)
•Softer through the ribs
•Front legs have come forward to help with stability
•Softer hind end
•Pelvis has lost its’ tilt
•Softer in her head/ Neck angle
22 Year Old X Advance Event horse (After 3 treatments)

•Softer from the Atlas/ Axis
•His neck has softened
•Masseter muscle very tight setting the pattern through his body, this is getting softer
•His shoulder has softened
•His front legs have come forward
•His back has stretched out (un wound)
•His back has come up
•His back has softened
•His glutes have softened
•His hip/hock has opened up
•His weight is a bit more back on the hind end after treatment

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