Types of Treatment

muscles and skeleton

The muscles and skeleton work together to produce power and performance. If one area of either system has a problem it will cause a ripple effect throughout the entire body resulting in tension, pain, stiffness and a general lack of performance

Equine Sports Massage Treatments can be tailored to address most problems and can include maintenance massage to keep your horse in top form; full-body massages which are great for keeping on top of any little issues that may arise; pre-event and post-event massage targeting high-level competition horses; and also regular massage to complement a rehab routine for an equine who’s recovering from an injury or trauma.

This is a general massage suitable for all horses, including horses on box rest. The treatment covers the whole body and works on any problem areas discovered. The treatment can help maintain wellbeing and function, and also reduces the risk of injury and improves performance.  Maintenance massage can be performed at any time, to maintain the results of remedial massage, as an MOT check over the musculo-skeletal system, or to keep your horse’s muscles supple.
Ideally these massages are best used up to 4 times a year to maintain the benefits.

This is a massage suitable for particular musculo-skeletal problems resulting in loss of performance or injury in the horse e.g. back pain, stiffness, specific conditions or after a fall. The treatment covers the whole body but the majority of time is spent focusing on problem areas.
Ideally this is used once a week for up to 4 weeks.

During this time, the expertise of farriers, saddlers, chiropractors etc, may be sought as appropriate.
Please note, that massage is not a substitute for veterinary attention.

 Pre-event Massage
This massage is ideal prior to hard work or competition, allowing the horse to perform at its best. The treatment focuses on problem areas and discipline stress points. It can be relaxing or stimulating, preparing the horse’s mind and body for competition.
Ideally used up to 4 hrs before the event, and take up to 15 minutes.

Post-event Massage
This massage is ideal after a competition or a hard days work. The treatment relaxes the horse’s mind and body after an event and covers the whole body, focusing on discipline stress points and it can be used to find areas of trauma.
Ideally used between 2–4 hrs after the event, and takes 30 minutes.