Vicki Wain, Dassett Forge

I found my initial consultation very insightful and Kirsty was very friendly, informative and was very interested in my horses. Kirsty is great, very enthusiastic about her work and really interested in your opinions on your horse. She is good with all different types of horses and loves to hear how the horse is getting on. All the horses loved her and really enjoyed their massages.

I have seen changes to all of my horses since Kirsty has been treating them. Ellie is moving a lot easier and is straighter. Buggy was very stiff and unable to hold his back feet up for the farrier, he has loosened up and he can move a lot better and able to hold his legs up for the farrier now.

SallyASally Taylor, Blenheim Farm Eventers
I found my initial consultation with Kirsty was very well organised and efficient. Kirsty was very professional with a good knowledge of horses, she was very informative covering all aspects of the treatment procedure and gave a full aftercare programme.

My horses responded well and were very relaxed during the treatment and they responded positively. I noticed the horses become much more supple and better under saddle after the treatments. I also found there was less tension during riding and the horses were more forward in their going. I feel Kirsty provided a very professional and thorough service from start to finish.



Laura-ImageLaura Kennedy
I found Kirsty to be very professional on every level and she talked me through everything, she explained what she was finding and how she would work with these. This made a real difference as my mare was at an early stage of her muscle development and it helped us muscle up correctly as we started upping her work. Fizz loved her sessions with Kirsty and became more settled with each session. I found improvements in Fizz as she could use herself more and we were not getting to the point of tension or pain during development. We will continue with the massages to keep her in the best shape during her continual development. I would highly recommend Kirsty.




HollyHolly Wallington
Kirsty came with very high standards and was very knowledgeable letting me know all the benefits the massage would offer my horses. Kirsty explained what the treatments entailed and what to expect. The horses loved the treatment and relaxed straight away. After Tom’s treatment I felt his tension had been lifted and he was much more forward going. With Bailey I am now able to take a contact and I can ride him into his contact, before he was unsettled under saddle and bucked during some transitions – the bucking has now stopped. Bailey is now more forward going and much more responsive to the leg and his attitude and wellbeing has improved. I found Kirsty offered an excellent, reliable service and was very professional.