Fran and her horse Bruce after treatment

Fran and Bruce have a quiet word

Frances Vipond
I found Kirsty to be very professional and informative. She listened about Bruce and genuinely seemed to want to help and understand him. Kirsty was very knowledgeable and gave me information I hadn’t even thought of. Bruce responded really well to his treatment and I noticed a real difference in his coat and mannerism as well as improving the way he was going, he was more forward and happier in his work. Bruce became more responsive and able to work on both legs and not favouring one as he did before. I am very pleased with the results I saw.







MitchMitch Heywood
Kirsty is very informative and helpful with the follow up exercises for the horse. Kirsty is relaxed around the horses which helps on how the horse deals with the treatment. Kirsty observed problems which I hadn’t noted. She was very good.





katyKaty Doughty
I found the initial consultation very interesting and it looks like he was wearing a saddle that was a little tight, Kirsty was very informative and knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. I have seen a huge improvement in Milo since Kirsty has been treating him. He is calmer and working better, I think his muscles feel less tense. He appears to be working in a better outline, and his jumping has been slightly calmer too. Milo is a very tense horse however I found that he has loosened up during his flat work quicker and even my trainers noticed he looks a lot calmer so this has been hugely beneficial to Milo. I will continue with his massages on a regular basis.



Wally feeling the benefits of his massage treatment

Wally feeling the benefits of his massage treatment

Aimee Cayless – Southam Saddles

My horse Wally enjoyed his treatment with Kirsty who was very thorough and professional, he was more relaxed in his work after his treatments and he defiantly felt the benefits.