Equine Sports Massage

Klick ESM delivers sports massage therapy

Equine Sports Massage in action

Klick ESM is based near Banbury in Oxfordshire and I am able to offer equine massage throughout Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

Equine Sports Massage is increasingly becoming an integral part of equine care. Sports massage can be incorporated into any training regime either pre or post competition. Massage keeps muscles healthy by maintaining strength and suppleness and minimising stiffness. In the event of an injury, massage is of great benefit. It speeds up the recovery period by preventing muscle atrophy (wasting of the muscles) during a period of box rest or restricted work.

Positive and profound feedback after sports massage therapy has resulted in ESM becoming an essential element of the training and care programme of competition and performance horses. Of course massage can also be a great benefit to the happy hackers beloved by their owners everywhere. All horses will feel better and have freer movement after massage therapy.

There is more in-depth information regarding the application and benefits of ESM here.

If you would like to discuss how sports massage could work for your horse or to make an appointment please contact me – Kirsty Lickorish – and I will be happy to explain how ESM can help your horse, his performance and your riding experience.